Policies and Procedures

HANDBOOK which explains all things NADT!

Payment of Fees:

Payments are to be made by using a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD or having and AUTOMATIC DRAFT taken out of a banking account. TWO costume deposits of $35 each for the 1st costume and $20 each for the 2nd (i.e. hip hop is also taking a Level class-ballet/jazz/tap are usually only 1 costume) are due Oct 1 & Nov 1. A Recital fee of $25 is due May 1 (4 complementary tickets). These fees will be automatically withdrawn unless other arrangements are made. The balance on all costumes will be posted by Dec 20 and must be paid by Feb 1.

All returned checks or denied debit cards will be charged a $15 NSF fee.

If these payment methods are unavailable, MONTHLY CASH PAYMENTS may be arranged. First and last month tuition, costume fee and recital fee will be due at registration. A $3 processing fee per month is added to each tuition payment. Any payments paid after the 15th of the month for these students will be charged a $15 late fee.

Withdrawals and Refunds:

There is a two month minimum for all lessons. One month notice before the 7th of the month is required to discontinue any classes. No withdrawals will be accepted after March 7th. Withdrawal can not be accepted over the phone or via text. To withdraw from classes a parent or adult student must:

  1. Inform NADT Dance Academy administration in person or via email. No phone calls or texts accepted.
  2. Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by the school if withdrawing in person
  3. Notice begins at the time of notification to the school, not the last date attended

No refunds will be given for costume fees after Nov 1 or for recital fees after March 7. Dancers that withdraw after costumes have been ordered will forfeit their costume. However, they MUST pay for the costume in full. NADT Dance Academy reserves the right to terminate lessons to any student without notice. In such a case, a refund for all unused lessons (only) will be given.

Drop Off & Pick Up:

Parents of children ages 5 and under please stay in the lobby until the children are escorted to their classroom. Please be in the lobby 5 minutes before class is over so that your child can go directly to you when the teachers bring them out to class. Absolutely, no dancer is to wait outside for their parent.

Emails & Texts:

By reaching out to us, you give us permission to contact you via phone, text or email. You may opt out at any time by texting STOP in response to an email or clicking UNSUBSCRIBE to any email you may receive.